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WELCOME Vendor, glad to see you on board The Festival of eXcellence (FoE).  The Festival of eXcellence a promises to be one of the greatest events the Tampa Bay Communittee has ever seen.  Let's make vending better too, as we serve the patrons of FoE by working together on our best event to date.  You and FoE DreamTeam are going to help make that possible.  From FoE 2010 forward, I hope we have a long lasting relationship year after year. 

We want you to tell others about Festival of eXcellence.  We have plenty room in the new Curtis Hixon Water Front Park, located downtown next to the Tampa Musieum of Art.  

How do I become a vendor?

  • First download  and print the Rules and Regs.  Make sure to read the material.
  • Install each pack separately using the Extensions->Install/Uninstall Menu selection and then the package file upload facility.
  • Go to the Language Manager and be sure to select Site or Admin in the sub-menu. Then select the appropriate language and make it the default one using the Toolbar button.

How do I submit my registration form?

  • Default languages can be independently set for Site and for Administrator
  • In addition, users can define their preferred language for each Site and Administrator. This takes affect after logging in
  • While logging in to the Administrator Back-end, a language can also be selected for the particular session.

Where can I find the Rules and Regulations for the City of Tampa?

Please note that the Rules and Regulations for Tampa may change from year to year.  So please do not assume you know the drill. This promises to be a great time for every participant.

  • The attitude I ask for is a joint reponsibility for eXcellence that we all truly deserve as a team.  We are members of the Festival of eXcellence Working Group.
  • Please read the Rules and Regulations carefully
  • If you have any questions, please submit them via email here!
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