Piston Sound

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We are Proud to recomend our Sponsors

piston_sound_332We would like to take a minute to honour and tell you about one of our sponsors.  His name is Leon S Pitts.  It is always good when things come together according to HIS purpose.  Working with the best, as well as helping those who work to be their best, Piston Sound sets the example for all to achieve.  In this business, it is rare to find a person that stands in, and by the Word.  The staff and workers are humble, yet fully knowledgeable of the how and the why it works. This is because of the years of growth and experience that Leon manages Piston Sound.  It does not matter how big the show or what the artist's reputation is, Leon can and will handle it; with a level of eXcellence you will notice immediately.  No sub standard backline either, you just ask for what you want and Leon will deliver.  

Leon_at_FOE_2010Call him!

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