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Welcome to Flyer and Poster downloads.

NEW!! THE OFFICIAL FESTIVAL OF EXCELLENCE POSTER FOR 2011: -ready for download NOW!- Please send this out to all you would like to see attend. We need you to do your part.  Be the example we all want to see.

"Encourage the LOVE REVOLUTION"


PROMOTIONAL FOR 2011: - ready for download- Please send this out to all you would like to see attend the Festival of eXcellence.


REMEMBER!!! Please be sure to check here later.

As we near the day of the upcoming 2011 Festival of eXcellence we will release the 2011 Festival of eXcellence Poster with the ARTIST Lineup.



We have on file two archive Flyers or Posters archived from the Inaugural FOE2008.

The Flyers are in: English and Spanish.


First is the 2008 Inaugural Festival of eXcellence Poster from March 15, 16, 2008. NOT AVAILABLE at this time.


Second is the Original Men of X-cellence from 1995. -AVAILABLE NOW- A Historic Piece of Tampa History


Please do not misunderstand this poster.  This is not a Black Thing!  It was a calling upon the lives of Black Men to stand united for Excellence.  It is not what the media says, family, or statistics that define them.  It is the GOD in them; and they wanted the whole world to know.

From this historic event initiated the planting of the seed for Festival of eXcellence.  Festival of eXcellence is for the whole family, open to all people as an example of what it could be like.  If we were to all put our hands on the same wall and give selflessly at the same time, we will be the difference we want to see in the world.  The Goliaths of our world would fall.

These Original Men of X-cellence inspired the design of Lykes Gas Light Park in downtown Tampa, Fl.

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Festival of eXcellence 2010 Yellow T-Shirt
Festival of eXcellence 2010 Yellow T-Shirt