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Hello and welcome to our content menu.  This where you can get in touch with our present  FoE 2011 Content Information, as well as future and past events with Festival of eXcellence.  Please look inside the sub column directories and reference the FoE DreamTeam, the PSA that was released early in 2008, before the 1st FoE.  Also, please do not forget to see the Original Men of Excellence, who stood together in 1995, inspiring the Lykes Gas Light Park design.  Be sure not to miss the FOE Video Archives.  All video in the archives was donated by a spectator during Day 2 of the Festival of eXcellence 2008.   We thank you, Mike, for your participation.

Please know we greatly appreciate you for being who you are, and we thank you for being on our website.  We thank you if you have been a participant in the past, or you plan now to be a participant, or in the future.

We are in need of a change, and the change we are calling for, it begins with you as a participant.   We can never be perfect… but together, we can all change a little bit and change the world. -mcd

It is so important to get involved and do your part; even if you have only a small part to offer.  The problems of our communities affect all of us.  We can share what is good from the past and reach, teach each person with more concern for our neighborhoods future.  The situation is not going to fix its self.  We can't fix it, until we face it

Remember who you are and define it, by sharing the good in you.  We are all tired of the hurt and disappointments this world brings.  Don't wait until the ways of the world makes you bitter.  It reaches our doorstep and makes the acquaintance of you or a love one.  It becomes personal up front.  Why not celebrate with us? being the best we can be.  Each year, we must have Festival of eXcellence to remind us, what is important and not to forget the values this nation was founded on.  Save the real celebration for when our life has changed and it causes us to treat each other better.

Take advantage of this opportunity with a truthful spirit and a good frame of mind.  Believe it or not, there are more people out there who care about living a life of Excellence, than the ones that do not.  It's just hard to break old habits someone else began in our lives.

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