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2010 FOE Video Archive

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Curently, there are 2 FOE-Movie Files in this Gallery.

This is a small sample of the performing artist on March 16th, 2010 of the Festival of eXcellence.

The above video was recorded by a spectator. We are very thankful for the gift and use of the video. We hope The quality one day will be better, however, it is truly a blessing to have this video to remember.

There were many spectacular happenings during the this day.  Unfortunately  we do not have video to show.

Please listen to the Mp3/411 Player on the home page, it has some music that was performed live during day 1 of the FoE .  It also has new music from some of the artist that played during FoE.  Memories are a treasure.  We are to look back as a reference, in order to know which way we have been in order to go forward.

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